Name: Organic Valley Conversion and Labeling Facility
Address: 440 Organic Drive, Cashton, WI 54619

Project Cost


Project Schedule

Start Date: 6/18/16
Completion: 8/16/17

Brief Overview

The new 22,300 square-foot building is located on the Cashton site. This new facility allows the company to produce more of its’ Ghee butter, as well as handle cheese cutting for blocks, sticks, and shreds. We installed the Mechanical Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, and Building Automation systems, which included 2 large custom built food grade Roof Top Units, 2 – 100 HP high pressure steam boilers, 5 zoned Roof Top Units, and multiple exhaust fans.

We Installed new plumbing and HVAC system for Organic Valley, an organic food supplier. We installed new steam boilers for processing, new food grade rood top heating, and cooling units. Our control’s team installed a complete building automative system to have efficient control and trending of HVAC system.

Key Aspects of Project

  • Building Automation System
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing