We are writing to inform you of global changes that affect the use of your Building Automation System (BAS).  Oracle, the developer and supporter of JAVA, announced in Late January 2016 that they are eliminating support for the JAVA Plug-in for Web Browsers.  Many browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox, and Chrome have announced changes that end support for plug-ins such as Flash, Silverlight, and Java.  This affects many operations from online gaming, banking, movie streaming and building automation integration.
In light of this announcement, action must be taken for your Building Automation System (BAS) to continue functioning properly.  Most (BAS) graphics use the JAVA Plug-in and without this support users are not be able to access their HVAC system through Web Browsers.  Winona Controls is already in the process of converting JAVA based graphics to the industry standard HTML5 which is native to most Web Browsers.
American Auto-Matrix has introduced Aspect v3.0 which utilizes HTML5 and runs on almost every operating system and browser.  It is less resource-heavy so it works well on any device (including smartphones) allowing you to view and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules and more from your Building Automation System on the fly.  We are very excited about the enhancements of Aspect v3.0 and want share them with you.